Menopause Sheffield

Menopause advice and support in Sheffield can be so difficult to find!

Where can you go to find out more about what’s going on in your body? Where can you get reassurance that you are not alone? Meet new friends who understand the struggles you may be going through? Where can you find out how you can help yourself through this time?

Sadly the Menopause Clinic in Sheffield has closed down, although there is some advice available at Sheffield Jessops Hospital. I’m not a physician nor an endocrinologist able to offer advice on medical interventions, but I can offer expert advice on how to naturally manage this time on life via lifestyle and nutrition, help you regain control and confidence, giving you the freedom to live life as you choose.

Join me on my Natural Menopause Road Map workshops and/or monthly Walk & Talk events. I also hold various other workshops and events sharing information that can help you. There’s always something to learn that can help us help ourselves!


Don’t Sweat The Menopause


Introducing the 7 steps of the Natural Menopause Road Map to help you naturally manage your menopause years, reduce unpleasant symptoms and create optimum health, this event follows on from the BBCBreakfast focus on menopause, bringing researched knowledge and support to the menopausal women of Sheffield.

There’s so much confusing, conflicting information ‘out there’ its difficult, if not impossible, to know where to look to get good, common sense information that you are confident will work for you.

Lots to to take away and put in to action, and plenty of time for Q&A to share your menopause concerns and ask questions.

As women we are adept at prioritising everyone and everything else above ourselves. This can be the biggest stumbling block for us making positive change that will help us through these years. It’s time to spend just 3 hours focusing on yourself.

Whether you’re taking HRT or have chosen to take the natural route, this information can be life-changing.

Price £10

Saturday 15th June, and Thursday 20th June.

9.30am to 12.30pm. The Florentine. (opposite Notre Dame School on Fulwood Road).


Natural Menopause Road Map Workshops.


These 2 day workshops will cover the 7 simple steps you need to embrace to ensure you manage these menopause years as effortlessly as possible. Reducing or even banishing those unpleasant menopause symptoms.

This is a nutrition and lifestyle coaching programme where you will work through the steps, applying new found knowledge, and supported while you make the changes. We’ll help you identify the ‘road blocks’ that may be stopping you from achieving positive change, and will work together to find a way around them, or smash through them.

Listen to Andrea’s feedback by clicking the image above.

Find out more about the Natural Menopause Road Map and

scheduled dates, click HERE



Walk & Talk

Meeting the 3rd Thursday of every month at 10am, often meeting at Fox House or Chatsworth but we’re happy to go anywhere! (Dogs welcome). Always with a stop at the end for coffee and cake. Please email me on [email protected] if you’re interested in joining us.



Sheffield Menopause Cafe

Sheffield Menopause Cafe meetings are an opportunity to meet others, share your menopause concerns, give and receive support. simply #TalkMenopause. Details will be posted when new dates are arranged.



Menopause Social Events in Sheffield

Group social events, talks or workshops are organised throughout the year. Details will be posted on the website and in the Sheffield Telegraph Listings pages.