Top Detox Tips

Top Tips for a Successful Detox

  1. Commit! Believe in yourself
  2. Drink 1.5 – 2 litres of clean, filtered water daily
  3. Avoid all caffeine and  alcohol
  4. Do not follow any ‘low-fat’, ‘low-sugar’ or any sort of ‘diet’
  5. Check food labels for fats, salt, corn syrup, wheat, sugar
  6. Avoid ALL sweeteners
  7. Choose organic produce from all animal sources, eg meats, eggs, milk, cheese, fish
  8. Eat more vegetables than fruit, and plenty of them!
  9. Clear your bedroom of all electrical equipment. Don’t carry your mobile in your pocket or by your hip
  10. Breathe deeply
  11. Don’t eat within 4 hours of going to bed
  12. Develop a sleep routine, go to bed at the same time
  13. Switch to organic non-toxic cosmetics and cleaning products
  14. Be positive! Congratulate yourself on what you have achieved.
  15. Choose your friends wisely
  16. Keep a food diary
  17. Take saunas, steam baths and dry skin brush to eliminate toxins through skin
  18. Exercise to suit you … aerobic, walking, yoga, pilates, bouncing…….
  19. Reward yourself, love yourself
  20. Nurture yourself

The WHY’s of My Top Detox Tips

1. Make the commitment to follow a programme. Tell your friends, get support when you need it and BELIEVE in yourself. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about doing the best that you can.

2. Consume an appropriate amount of clean, filtered water daily. Your body is 75% water is important for eliminating toxins from your body. Add the juice from a fresh lemon and/or lime to body temperature water on rising. (More information on water and hydration here).

3. Avoid anything containing caffeine which causes stress to your body and also dehydration. Drink more organic green and white teas.

Go easy on the booze. Excessive alcohol consumption disrupts your blood sugar and your hormones, causes dehydration, is oestrogenic, toxic to the liver, stimulates appetite, and adds inches to your waist-line.

4. Do not ‘diet’.  Anything claiming to be ‘low fat’, ‘low sugar’, or encourages you to eat or drink something that does not resemble anything nature provides as food should be avoided. Diets are a major stressor to your body that destroy your metabolism and create hormonal disruption, muscle loss, fat storage, and added weight gain once you’re off the diet. Your body requires specific nutrients for the cleansing process to occur and these can all by provided by nature.

5. Eliminate vegetable oils, processed soy, refined sugars and pops/sodas/fizzy drinks (liquid sugar with chemicals), pasteurised dairy products, high-fructose corn syrup, wheat and gluten, table salt, and hydrogenated trans fats. These items cause stress to your body, creating disease and nutritional deficiencies, increasing toxic load, excess inflammation, and stimulate fat storing hormones with added body weight and risk of disease. So check your food labels for these products.

6. Avoid toxic artificial sweeteners such as NutraSweet, Equal, Splenda, and aspartame. Instead, use Stevia or Agave Nectar, neither will elevate your blood sugar which encourages the production of more fat cells. Try adding raw honey to drinks.

Remember that sugar is considered a poison by your body!

7. Opt for organic foods where possible. Organic vegetables have been sprayed with far fewer insecticides and pesticides. Non-organic animal products may contain excess antibiotics and hormones that may disrupt your own hormonal system. For this reason I always recommend organic if choosing foods from any animal source, including butter, milk, eggs, cheese. Beef should be grass fed only (check with your butcher) and avoid farmed salmon and other contaminated fish.

8. Include plenty of vegetables, a variety of leafy greens, and fruit in a ratio of 3 parts vegetables to 1 part fruit. Fresh vegetable juicing is phenomenal for boosting the detoxification process. The chlorophyll from the leafy greens enhance detoxification. You can by this is a liquid form to add to your drinks, mine tastes of spearmint and is delicious!

Jason Vale the Juicemaster has plenty of advice and recipes for juices and smoothies on his website, and Victoria Boutenko is my green smoothie goddess.

9. Minimise exposure to Electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Simple things you can do — remove all electrical devices from your sleeping area; avoid using electric blankets and electric heating pads; avoid using your laptop on your lap; avoid carrying your mobile phone in your pocket or on your hip; stop using the microwave oven (in fact throw it away or give it someone you don’t like!)

10. Practice at least 2-5 minutes of deep, full diaphragmatic belly breathing daily. Deep breathing is the source of all energy in your body. It transforms your energy and releases endorphins that make us feel happy. Without sufficient oxygen, cells begin to die and energy cannot be sufficiently produced.

Deep breathing benefits include – aiding toxin elimination, less stress, increased energy, composed mind, improved mood, enhanced appearance and changes to your physiology on a cellular level.

11. Don’t eat within 4 hours of going to bed. The night is the time for your body to rest and detox, not digest your food. Eating too close to bedtime can disrupt sleep, create digestive distress, reduce your production of growth hormone, and minimise the detoxification process.

12. Aim for quality sleep. Keep a regular sleep schedule, going to bed and waking around the same time. Your body repairs physically and psychologically at night during sleep. This is a time for your body to balance hormones, repair tissues and regenerate. A time of rest and repair. If it is not allowed this time, you won’t awake feeling refreshed in the mornings, creating more daytime stress.

13. Ditch the toxic products. Switch to more natural cleaning products, there are plenty on the market to choose from. Use organic, non-toxic skin care products void of chemicals.

14. Detox your mind. Your thoughts are the most powerful way to maintain health and well-being and to heal your body. Minimise time spent with energy vampires and negative people. Generate positive emotions and thoughts — congratulate yourself on what you have achieved, don’t dwell on what you haven’t done.

15. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Form win-win relationships. Determine who is trustworthy and displays character traits of integrity, honesty and authenticity. Dissolve those relationships that no longer serve you in a positive light. Enjoy relationships that nourish your soul and make you feel good.

16. Keep a food journal for at least one week. Research shows that people who journal what they eat tend to lose twice as many pounds and make healthier food choices. This is especially helpful during your detox. I have an exercise you can download here that may help you too (add plate exercise link).

17. Your skin is a major organ of detoxification. Saunas, especially infrared saunas, accelerate the release of toxins. Dry skin brushing before you shower stimulates your lymphatic, immune and nervous systems, improves circulation and allows for greater removal of toxins. Helps break down fat cells and decrease cellulite too!

18. Exercise is a natural form of detoxification. Brisk walking, high intensity intervals or any workout that cleanses the body of toxins.

Practice yoga. Rebounding on a mini trampoline is extremely beneficial for every cell and organ in your body. Doing so flushes the lymphatic system, plus bouncing boosts your immune system.

19. Reward yourself. Allow yourself time to rest without feeling guilty. Get your daily dose of sunshine (Vitamin D). Indulge in a warm bath with Epsom salts and a relaxing essential oil such as lavender. Schedule a massage or sauna — both increase the effectiveness of detoxification by releasing toxins from your body.

20. Last and by no means least. Nurture yourself. Love yourself. Give your body, mind and soul the love and support it needs. You are worth it!!

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