The Joy of Conception

A Fertility Tale.

Today hasn’t been a good day. A client and her partner (let’s call them Janet and John) came to see me about 10 weeks ago enquiring how nutrition could help their chances of conceiving. The lady is 41, her partner 42, neither has had previous children, and both are very concerned about their conception chances following a traumatic miscarriage in early 2012.

They are both such lovely people. Clearly very caring and concerned for each other, and both burying themselves in a stressful work load to avoid ‘thinking about their loss’.

Their diet was just OK, worsened by comfort eating and working too hard to have the time to prepare or eat good, clean food. Water intake was minimal, fluid intake was excessive coffee, sodas and alcohol. Their work commitments were building up in the long-term which gave them no ‘togetherness time’, no chance of a break in the foreseeable future.

It was very moving at times listening to their case history.

However, their commitment and determination to try and do the best they could to make a happy, healthy baby was fantastic! They soaked up the information I gave them, far more than I would normally give in a first consultation, and off they went.

Clean, organic foods, concentrating on alkalizing ingredients, taking green smoothies to work, drinking pure, clean water, avoiding an excess of acid forming animal protein, wheat and dairy products. Of course an adequate water intake was recommended and not forgetting the very important Essential Fatty Acids, getting the Omega 3 and Omega 6 intake in balance to make seriously happy hormones.

Most importantly, I suggested they get out their diaries and schedule some time together.

I didn’t hear from them, and they didn’t respond to follow-up emails. I had no idea what was happening. I wondered if I had overwhelmed them with information and advice.

Today wasn’t a good day, it was a GREAT day. Janet called to say she was pregnant. They had both followed all the advice, (loved doing it too), and they took time off work to have a short holiday. It was a GOOD holiday, with GREAT results!

Days like today make my job an absolute joy and pleasure.

Days like today re-affirm how much I LOVE my job – sharing knowledge, helping make happy, healthy cells! Particularly when the outcome is happy, healthy babies!

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