Don’t Sweat the Menopause Event

Introducing the 7 steps of the Natural Menopause Road Map to help you naturally manage your menopause years, reduce unpleasant symptoms and create optimum health, this event follows on from the BBCBreakfast focus on menopause, bringing researched knowledge and support to the menopausal women of Sheffield.

There’s so much confusing, conflicting information ‘out there’ its difficult, if not impossible, to know where to look to get good, common sense information that you are confident will work for you.

Lots to to take away and put in to action, and plenty of time for Q&A to share your menopause concerns and ask questions.

As women we are adept at prioritising everyone and everything else above ourselves. This can be the biggest stumbling block for us making positive change that will help us through these years. It’s time to spend just 3 hours focusing on yourself.

Whether you’re taking HRT or have chosen to take the natural route, this information can be life-changing.

Price £10

New dates for 2020 to be advised.