Corporate Health & Well-being

Whether for general health and wellness, stress support or menopause management, Clare is passionate about educating people about how they can improve their well-being through simple stress management techniques alongside nutrition and lifestyle changes.


Statistics now show that absenteeism is costing the economy over £18 billion a year. More employees are coming into work feeling ‘ill’, maybe suffering from unpleasant menopause symptoms, increasing their stress levels and leading to under performance, increasing the actual cost to businesses and organisations.


Possibly leading the employee to leave, leaving the company losing years of valuable experience and lost costs in training.


Happy and healthy employees will always improve the health and well-being, and therefore the long term success, of the business.


Taking active steps to support employees physical, mental and emotional health is crucial to maintaining a positive workforce and of course reduce absenteeism and presenteeism costs.


Clare offers talks from 1 hour to a half day. Sharing information in a workshop style, interactive and fun format, or a more corporate presentation if preferred, always designed to educate,  inspire and empower employees to take control of their own health.


  • Stress management techniques
  • Boosting energy and motivation
  • Weight management
  • Good nutritional practice
  • Lifestyle strategies

Embracing the knowledge shared will serve employee and employer alike.

Costs for organisations within the Sheffield region:

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