Menopause in the Workplace

Coping with menopausal symptoms at work can be tough, and many women are understandably reluctant to talk about it, especially to their employer.


With around 3.5 million women aged between 50 and 65 years currently in employment in the UK, women now represent nearly half of the UK workforce. It makes sense to recognise their problems, break the taboo surrounding menopause.


Workplace policies and guidelines are now being implemented by organisations throughout the country, proving to be highly successful. Women now feeling understood and supported through what can be many difficult years.


Providing talks on practical solutions to maintaining the health of their body and mind, running monthly Menopause Cafe’s, all encourage ladies transitioning through menopause with hope and encouragement. They feel heard and understood which will be reflected in their workplace practice.


Clare offers talks from 1 hour to a half day. Sharing information in a workshop style, interactive and fun format, or a more corporate presentation if preferred, always designed to educate,  inspire and empower employees.


  • Stress management techniques
  • Understanding hormones
  • Boosting energy and motivation
  • Weight management
  • Good nutritional practice for hormone balance
  • Lifestyle strategies

Embracing the knowledge shared will serve employee and employer alike.

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