I’m really proud to support the work of Soberista’s an online community of people who want to make a positive change to their lives by either quitting or moderating their alcohol consumption by providing nutrition information and support via their website blogs or personal email.

Their health concerns made me appreciate that a simple cleansing protocol would be really beneficial and with this in mind I’ve created the #LoveYourLiver Detox, Cleanse and Rejuvenate Programme, offering people the simple tools needed to start taking responsibility for their own weight, health and wellbeing. New and improved with some amazing, life changing features including:

  • comprehensive eBook to empower you with all the information and tools required to make sustainable, life-long changes
  • 2 weeks of simple menu plans and detoxing, cleansing and rejuvenating recipes
  • family friendly and flexible recommendations designed to turn back the clock and help you take back control of your life
  • access to lifetime support from our team of health professionals via an exclusive Facebook group where:
      • you’ll be part of a growing on-line community of like-minded people
      • you can post any questions, give and receive support
      • receive special offers, additional recipes, hints and tips
      • access to webinars (coming soon)

The #LoveYourLiver Detox, Cleanse and Rejuvenate Programme is not limited to those who feel their liver health may be compromised by an excess consumption of alcohol. It’s suitable for anyone who wishes to learn how to  love and nurture the most important cleansing organ of the body and achieve optimum health.

Sign up now to take our ‘How Toxic Are You?’ quiz and find out if you would benefit from following the #LoveYourLiver programme (price £50).