Is your environment making you sick?

It’s so important to consider the environment our cells are bathed in for optimum health. A clean environment being so necessary to allow our cells to thrive, not just survive!

We hear a lot from different modalities making claims about how to attain and maintain good health … physically, mentally and emotionally. Many of these affecting the status of the cells within our bodies. And it is true, we can only be as healthy as the cells within us … no more, no less … but what about the environment bathing those cells? Surely that is important too? Who is really looking at that?
If we have a sick fish in dirty water, what do we do to make it better? Treat the fish or change the water? We change the water! The fish represents our cells, the water the cellular environment.

Live Blood Analysis/Nutritional Microscopy

Live Blood Analysis, also referred to as Nutritional Microscopy, facilitates the viewing of both the cells and their environment, and is used as a tool for empowerment and encouragement to allow you to:-

  • learn the importance of making healthful choices in diet and lifestyle
  • take control of your own health
  • actively participate in the process of your cell recovery

By taking a small finger prick of blood and viewing it through a high powered microscope, your health and nutritional status can be assessed by looking at the shape and size of the cells, seeing if they are stuck together, and checking the ratio of white to red blood cells. Most importantly though, greater health information can be determined by looking at the environment the cells are bathed in. For more information on Live Blood see:

As the environment is something that is so often overlooked, here are a few words that will hopefully give you some ‘food for thought’, encourage you to consider how you may be polluting your own cellular environment, and what you can do to take responsibility and improve your own health by cleaning up. Easy!!

First … a history lesson.

The Birth of Modern Medicine; Pasteur vs Bechamp

The ‘medical model’ upon which allopathic (drug based) medicine has been built, is based solely upon a single person’s ability to convince scientists of the day that his opinions were correct. Many of you may have heard of Louis Pasteur, a French chemist, 1822-1895. His currently accepted ‘germ theory’ suggested that germs were the cause of all human disease, were airborne, and would attack us if we failed to protect ourselves with chemical drugs and vaccines.
His contemporary was a man named Antoine Bechamp (French biologist 1816 – 1908) who completely rejected Pasteur’s beliefs, maintaining mere exposure to a germ was not enough to get sick. That germs and bacteria do harmlessly survive within us, but that they change their form and proliferate given an acidic and unfavourable environment. It is that acidic environment, not the germ itself therefore, that creates ‘dis-ease’ for the host.

We are constantly breathing in some 14,000 germs and bacteria per hour. If germs are so harmful, why aren’t we all dead?

However, Pasteur was a confident man with many connections who, having plagiarised the research of Bechamp, distorted it, and submitted it to the French Academy of Science as his own, then toured to promote his own theory throughout the wider scientific establishment. Pasteur built up a devoted following with people acclaiming him a scientific genius! It was also the start of the Industrial Revolution and employees didn’t want their workers off sick, so his theory was considered very attractive indeed; people didn’t need to take ‘responsibility’ for their own health any longer. And the solution seemed easy enough – treat all ‘dis-ease’ with a chemical substance, or prevent ‘dis-ease’ with a chemical vaccine. The pharmaceuticals were delighted!
Sadly, the more humble Bechamp’s work didn’t quite make the headlines. Although as slight consolation, Pasteur on his deathbed did acknowledge that Bechamp was correct and said ‘the microbe is nothing: the terrain is everything’.

Too late … modern drug based medicine was born!

The Binmen are on Strike, Out Come the Rats!

This is a great analogy. Imagine …….
The binmen have been on strike now for many weeks. The bins are overflowing; binbags are discarded along the pavements, up driveways, outside kitchen doors. You have nowhere to put your own rubbish now except within the house. It accumulates in the kitchen, overspilling into the hallway and is now creeping up the stairs. The waste has been left accumulating so long, bacteria is beginning breed, maggots are evident, and the rats move in. Their job is to scavenge the bacteria, upon which they grow fat and breed. The longer the fetid waste remains available, the larger and more prolific the rats become, all potentially creating and spreading disease into the heart of your home. So consider … should you put down chemical rat poison? Or should you just simply remove the rubbish? Kill the ‘germ’ or clean up the environment?

Reasons for an Acidic/Toxic Cell Environment

As a natural bi-product of cellular metabolism we produce toxins that (should be) easily and effectively filtered and removed by the body’s simple yet impressive elimination systems. However, in this ‘modern age’ we ask even more of these systems.
How many of the following can you personally identify as adding to your body’s natural toxic load?

  • Breathing ‘polluted’ air
  • Eating foods containing insecticides, pesticides, artificial colours, flavours and additives
  • Drinking fluids (other than pure water) that require ‘filtering’ of chemicals, including artificial sweeteners
  • Taking drugs, both social and prescription (antibiotics leave a layer of slime around the cell membrane)
  • Not forgetting toiletries! Consider this scenario …

You arise in the morning and step into a steaming hot shower. This opens your pores allowing toxic chlorine in the water to enter your body. Then you add shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap, moisturisers, deodorant, antiperspirants, false tan, nail varnish, nail varnish remover, hair spray, hair gel, makeup, perfume, toothpaste, mouthwash … then you may decide to wash the pots and clean the house using household chemicals … all in the first 30 minutes of your day!

All the above help create an acidic environment for cells to only just survive, rather than thrive in a lovely alkaline environment.

So How Toxic are You?

A build up of toxins in the body can lead to many acute and chronic symptoms of ‘dis-ease’. Many of these symptoms are ‘non-specific’ that you may just ‘put up with’, you may even be taking self or medically prescribed drugs, vitamins, minerals and herbs to help. Yet you could be missing out on the simple basic requirements to achieve better health. To have ‘happy cells’ not ‘unhappy cells’

How to Reclaim Responsibility for your own Health

Follow simple nutrition and lifestyle advice and restore ‘happy cell’ status by cleaning up your environment, allowing your body to adequately cleanse, rebuild and heal. You will have better health, greater energy and vitality, lose many of those niggling symptoms, and on all levels … physical, emotional and spiritual … you will have a greater sense of well-being, know who you are in the world and achieve greater clarity identifying your purpose and aims.

  • Breathe clean air
  • Exercise
  • Drink adequate pure water
  • Be aware of what you put on your skin
  • Alkalise your diet (you may need to get advice from a Nutritional Therapist about this)
  • And of course, have a Live Blood Analysis consultation so you can monitor how positive changes you make are benfitting your lovely cells!

I told you it was easy!

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