In today’s hectic business world when everyone is required to achieve more with less – the importance of looking after yourself is more important than ever. Here is an insight into how eating the right type of foods during the day boosts your motivation and energy levels.

Is the following scenario typical of your working day?

Don’t have time for breakfast; run through the mornings on coffee and adrenaline; grab your lunch (what’s a lunch hour?) without a thought to what you are eating; plough through the afternoons feeling sluggish, with memory, mood and concentration impaired. Home and … crash!

You can change this with a little thought about what goes into your lunch box.

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2 Responses to Healthy_Lunch_Boxes

  1. Dennis Wright says:

    Clare! It’s Dennis Wright from the South America cruise. You left me your email so I could send you the picture from the tango show in Buenos Aires but I managed to delete it by mistake. Finally found you via twitter.

    Send your email to me at the address I’ve given on the form and I can send you the tango show picture and the ones of David from Ushuaia.

    Also, Naomi and my son Jonny are coming with me to the Wycombe match on Saturday. Can we meet up with you and David after the match? Hopefully to celebrate promotion?

    All the best


    PS I have David’s lens cap that he left on the bus at Buenos Aires airport.

    • newlifenut says:

      Ha Dennis …. every means possible used to track me down! Sorry I don’t check the comments very often! It was lovely to see you all on Saturday and we look forward to meeting up with you again next season. Up the Owls!

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