healthy food recipes

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Launched in January 2013 it’s crammed with healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole 4 weeks. Snacks and treats too!

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2 NEW winter warming healthy recipes for you!

New: bulgar wheat with roasted carrots and feta cheese

This is SERIOUSLY delicious and is one of the healthy new recipes in YourNewLifePlan.

New: lentil and coconut soup

Alkalising, filling, warming, yummy – try it and see!

healthy mayonnaise

Delicious and so versatile! A healthy mayonnaise free from dairy, gluten and egg. Use as a dip or a dressing.

nutritious chocolate truffles

Full of healthy nutrients and practically guilt free chocolate truffles, these are DELICIOUS!

buckwheat porridge

High energy and a great addition to any balanced weight loss programme.

no dairy cream cheese

A great healthy alternative to cheese in your diet.

exciting broccoli salad

Include this dish in your healthy diet,  perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

kale crisps

Packed full of nutrients, this healthy snack will provide you with a huge range of vitamins and minerals sure to add to your health and wellbeing. Great for introducing greens to kids too!

creamy nut roast

A fabulous cashew and almond nut roast providing a healthy, nutritious main meal.

healthy coconut macaroons

Who says you can’t have treats and eat healthily? This healthy food recipe is delicious!

date and walnut cake

So quick, easy and nutritious, this healthy cake recipe has been very popular!