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How can nutrition help?
Research shows that diet is the foundation of both health and disease. In the western world degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer are escalating. Nutrition influences every single aspect of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being and has a vital part to play in our modern world where our health is being undermined by stress, pollution, pesticides and drugs. Many people accept a level of ill health as normal and put up with such symptoms as fatigue, skin problems, insomnia, digestive disturbances etc. as just part of the human condition. This is not so; we are all conceived with a potential to be healthy and a capacity to enjoy life to the full! Good nutrition habits can help everyone, of any age or gender, from babies to the elderly.
What is Nutritional Therapy?
Nutritional Therapy is a complementary therapy. A non challenging diet is prescribed, using gentle support and cleansing methods. The aim is to restore homeostasis to the body by improving digestion, elimination and hydration and reducing physical and emotional stress. Optimum health cannot be restored without addressing all of these areas. It works by treating the cause of the problem, physical or emotional, not only the presenting symptoms. Whether you have a named disease, feel under par, or want to achieve full health for a particular purpose (e.g. pre-conceptual or post-menopausal care) nutrition can help. As a Nutritional Therapist, Clare will usually advise on detoxification methods, colon and digestive health and how to achieve and maintain it. In addition an individual nutritional programme will be recommended aimed at regaining your optimum health. Supplements in the form of vitamins, minerals and herbs may be prescribed once imbalances are identified. Nutritional therapy works on the principle that a body can heal itself given the right conditions. Clare's overall aim is to place the responsibility for your health with you, by educating you with nutritional, lifestyle and emotional changes that could be made to alleviate your presenting issues and to enable you to have happy and healthy cells.
How successful is Nutritional Therapy?
It is as successful as you want it to be! During the consultation Clare will explain in detail your health picture and how you arrived there, and prescribe what needs to change. However, if recommendations given are not followed then one cannot expect to see the full benefits. The body is treated as a whole, and if it took half a lifetime to reach a state of poor health, one must expect to put some time and effort into the treatment to see a result. Clare generally recommends a follow up visit at 1 and then 3 months, and would expect to see a significant improvement by then.
What type of diet is prescribed?
This depends on several factors: present condition of digestion and elimination, food intolerances, acidity of the body, blood type, so many things have to be taken into consideration during the initial consultation. However, the diet will always be natural and non challenging. It is not aimed at restricting foods, but rather ensuring the body is given the right nutrients and fluids to help it recover.
What about supplements?
I do not generally recommend supplements at the beginning of treatment. This is because initially digestive health and absorption is poor, and taking herbs, vitamins or mineral tablets will just create more stress to the body. Only fresh unprocessed nutrients, pure water and possibly essential oil supplementation is used. The need for supplements is reassessed at a later date, and it is often the case that once healthy digestion and absorption is restored they are not necessary in high doses, if at all.
How long do I need to follow the guidelines?
This depends on how far away your present diet is from healthy, your current condition and what symptoms are presenting. Many people find that once they make the recommended changes they become permanent, as your body will give a clear message that it prefers good nutrition, you just need to listen to it. Also, many people find their tastes change, processed foods become unpalatable and bland. In any event, permanent change is necessary to regain good health and keep it.
Do you offer consultations by Skype, telephone or post?
Clare always prefer to hold face to face consultations wherever possible, so Skyping is not a problem. However, if circumstances dictate this cannot be done, then just let us know. The cost for this service is the same as the normal consultation, and the same support is given.