Detoxification and Weight Loss

You will see a lot of information at this time of year about the benefits of detoxing, of which there are many! A wonderful byproduct of helping your body naturally cleanse is that you will lose any excess fat and pounds that you may be holding onto. Often those pounds and flesh that don’t seem to shift however much exercise you do.

In this blog I’d like to draw your attention for the need to ensure that any detox regime you consider should be done alongside exercise. Conversely, any exercise programme you are doing for weight loss should be applied alongside  good nutrition practice too.

The Body’s Struggle with Toxins

The body has the most amazing natural ability and systems in place to remove toxins efficiently, however with our lifestyle changes during the last century in particular we have added greatly to the toxins we ask our body to deal with, and this natural cleansing system often struggles to keep up.

We’re exposed to toxins from food additives and preservatives, the environment, water, smog, exhaust and pollution, heavy metals, stress, non-organic foods, pesticides, drugs, chemicals, GM foods, heavy metals and so much more. Think about the first 30 minutes of your day and consider the chemicals you ask your body to deal with ……. Chlorinated water, shampoo, conditioner, body gel, toothpaste, body creams, face creams, deodorants, perfume, all full of chemicals our body doesn’t recognise, and the list can go on and on.

It is claimed that over 75000 synthetic chemicals have been introduced since 1940, over 200 being found in a newborn umbilical cord! A frightening amount for our body’s natural detoxification system to have to cope with, a system that certainly hasn’t evolved quickly enough to cope with this onslaught.

All toxins brought into your body have to be processed by your liver. The liver converts harmful chemicals into water-soluble molecules that are released when you eliminate (this is why it’s so important to have daily bowel movements). Toxic overload and a congested liver make it difficult to lose body fat and also increases your risk of disease.

Toxins love fat cells and are very happy to be stored in them. If you use exercise alone to burn fat to achieve fat/weight loss and good health, without addressing diet and aiding the body’s natural ability to cleanse, then the toxins released from the fat cells will remain in the body with the potential to cause damage to internal organs and tissues. Also encouraging the production of more fat cells for them to be stored in. So the results you may be looking for cannot be achieved … a ‘plateau’.

It makes sense to help your body as much as possible with this cleansing process as it not only aids fat and weight loss, it reduces inflammation, bloating and puffiness, provides healthier looking skin, healthier and more frequent bowel movements, reduces aches and pains, helps improve sleep, increase energy, plus much more!

Which Detox Programme?

I’m currently doing the Jason Vale Juicemaster 14 day Spring Clean (details here) as this provides me with a structure I find achievable, and a regime of juices, smoothies, soups and salads I know I will love. There are many more to choose from so look at a few and find one that is right for you, getting help and advice if you need it.

The aim of any detox programme is to achieve the following:

Reduce the amount of toxins and pollution into the body to lessen the burden for the detoxification organs

Promote healthy eating, nutrition and lifestyle to help the body effectively clear the toxins

The benefits of a detox programme are multiple, and I could write a HUGE list here. Basically, a body that has an efficient natural detoxification system in place can expect to have the energy and vitality to perform daily functions, the motivation to create change in life, the clarity to make decisions, adequate sleep, a healthy immune system, the elimination of lifestyle addictions (sugar, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, caffeine etc) and the perfect weight for you.

All good!

Choose one that is achievable and fits into your lifestyle. Whichever ‘detox’ regime you decide to follow, click here for my top tips for you to make your detox as successful as possible.

(Do not embark upon any dramatic change of diet or exercise regime if you are taking medication or under the care of a health care professional without advising them first of your intentions).

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2 Responses to Detoxification and Weight Loss

  1. Matt says:

    Nice article, I have a big concern about all the chemicals we have to deal with in this modern age, I do my best to use as few as possible.

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