consultation & fees

you are unique

Everyone’s life journey is unique and your personal hereditary and lifestyle influences have contributed to who you are. By understanding your progression of health issues – mental, physical and emotional – you can make achievable changes that have a profound beneficial impact on your health.

A consultation will enable me to see how your individual circumstances have impacted on your health and how changes to your diet and lifestyle can leave you feeling healthier and happier. The ultimate goal is to improve your hydration and establish a healthy environment for your cells, so you can create the ‘foundation stones’ of cellular health. This means your cells can perform their various functions effectively and efficiently, so your body receives the full benefit of your nutritional changes.

My overall aim is to place the responsibility for health with you, by educating you on the nutrition and lifestyle choices you can make to alleviate your presenting health issues.

What happens?

During the first nutritional consultation you can expect an analysis and further exploration of the previously completed health questionnaire, which includes diet, lifestyle and current and past health issues. A follow-up appointment is included in the initial price and is an opportunity for you to discuss your progress, achievements and any areas of concern and further recommendations can be made. Email support between these appointments is provided.

I’ll work with you and recommend achievable dietary and lifestyle changes which you can put into practice, helping to alleviate your symptoms and restore optimum health.

How often?

Everyone’s needs are different, and I always recommend a minimum of 2 consultations.

Will I benefit?

Absolutely! Whatever your current health issues, following the nutritional and lifestyle recommendations made will increase your sense of well-being. There’s no ‘nutrition pill for all’ to provide an immediate cure for your ills; you are unique and your journey to optimum health will take both time and effort. You will be supported for as long as you require.

How much does it cost?

Initial consultation of 75 minutes £75

1 hour followup consultations £60

Other tests

Occasionally specific nutritional tests may be recommended during consultation, such as a hair mineral analysis, food intolerance or adrenal stress testing. This would incur an additional cost.

It is essential that you provide me with your completed Health Questionnaire at least 4 days prior to your appointment.

Download the Health Questionnaire