Autumn Equinox. 16 Top Tips for making ‘Happy Cells’.

  1. Eat locally grown foods that match the current seasonal energy – root vegetables, grains, home-made soups and stews ( to check out what is in season)
  2. If you enjoy raw foods, then drink lots of juices made from carrots, beetroot and other seasonal favourites.
  3. Check out how your cells are looking with Live Blood Analysis
  4. Maintain a healthy environment for your cells, more information here
  5. Avoid eating a heavy meal after dark as much as possible.
  6. Give your body an opportunity to ‘feel’ and adjust to the seasonal temperature. Wrap up well if necessary. At the first shiver don’t head for the central heating switch!
  7. Use herb and fruit teas to ‘warm up’ as required.
  8. Drink adequate amounts of body temperature water throughout the day.
  9. Take steps to further reduce internal stress factors such as alcohol, sugar and caffeine. These can hang around in the body, only to show unpleasantly at the Spring Equinox, when another (stronger) detox takes place.
  10. If you feel drawn to eat more carbohydrates – eat more vegetables, swollen grains, including short grain organic brown rice instead.
  11. Make your own ‘snacks’ from pumpkin and sunflower seeds, nuts, dates, raisins or sultanas.
  12. Consider a gentle fast and cleanse to keep your body fluids moving efficiently.
  13. If necessary, boost your immune system with vitamin C, echinacea, olive leaf extract, or citricidal.
  14. Eat plenty of fibre to ensure your bowels are working efficiently.
  15. Consider naturopathic techniques to support your routes of elimination, e.g. dry skin brushing, enemas, Epsom salt baths.
  16. Get out in the light for at least 20 minutes/day.

Finally … just be aware. Listen to what your body is telling you, and give it the nurturing and support it is asking for and deserves.

Happy Equinox!

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