Clare Shepherd ClinDip. NHF FNTP

Many stories from other coaches and therapists tell of how they reclaimed their physical health and/or lost many pounds in weight leading to their passion for sharing knowledge and providing support to others. My own journey was a discovery of the benefits a positive change of nutrition, mindset and lifestyle could make to both emotional and physical well-being, proving conclusively how the body and mind are intrinsically linked.

Over many years practising in the complementary medicine field, I was becoming  increasingly aware of how important good nutrition was to health. This led to my studies with the Nutritional Healing Foundation (NHF) – the leading college in natural nutrition in the UK. Their philosophy combines the science of nutrition with the art of naturopathic techniques and positive mindset to promote healing, and establish balance and harmony within the physical and emotional body. All very wonderful, very powerful and very natural.

I was providing the very best advice and recommendations to my clients at this time by sharing the ‘text book’ knowledge I’d gained throughout 3 years of training, but I had limited personal experience of the power of natural nutrition. Although I followed an alkaline diet, it hadn’t yet changed my life.

Yet sometimes you have to be in the darkest of places, in the deepest physical and emotional pain and fear, a place where you don’t believe life can get any worse, before deciding to take massive positive action and reclaim your health. My time had arrived.

Following the death of my eldest daughter just before her 21st birthday, I sunk into an emotionally distressing, deep, dark place leading to the onset of physical ill health. Sleep, digestion, skin, aches and pains, hormone imbalance, weight gain, and the general overall feeling that things ‘weren’t quite right’. PLUS I was in the midst of full blown MENOPAUSE.

I knew I was making very poor nutrition and lifestyle choices at the time, drinking and eating anything and everything destructive to my health. It was a downward spiral of mental and physical ‘dis-ease’ and it took me some time to say enough is enough, wrench back control and put into practice everything I knew and believed could make lasting positive change.

I was exceptionally lucky to have had the training to understand that the mind and body are linked, and recognised that in my case the root cause of my ill-health was emotional not physical. That when I healed the emotions, the physical body would positively respond. I got appropriate help and support, treated myself with powerful nutrition and naturopathic techniques and (finally!) hauled myself out of the dark abyss into a position of light. I am so grateful to have had that knowledge, giving me the opportunity to reclaim my health and the direction of my life.

I now understand the quote “Knowledge without application is simply knowledge. Applying the knowledge to one’s life is wisdom — and that is the ultimate virtue”

Hence I have a special interest in menopause and encouraging women to take control of their health at this transition in life, allowing them to live what could be the best 3rd of their lives with purpose, passion and freedom.A truly ‘Vibrant Life’

My passion now is to share that wisdom, to encourage, inspire and empower you to take control of  your physical and emotional health before reaching the abyss, before symptoms are so chronic and suppressed with medication that they become part of your identity. Your body has the most amazing way of communicating with you, but in this fast paced, technological world, we’ve forgotten how to hear what it’s saying to us, not allowing healing to take place.

Via one to one consultations, nutrition courses and workshops I share how you can listen to your body, understand its needs and what you can do to nurture every cell within your body so you too can attain and maintain the very best of emotional, physical and spiritual health and feel positive about the future.

Training and regulatory bodies:

NHF – Nutritional Healing Foundation

FNTP – Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners